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Let's admit this, every one of us has felt at least once in our life that we have potential but we didn't get an opportunity to prove ourselves. Relatives and family members think we are not capable enough to do anything. I also felt this.

Now, it's time to prove them wrong, who did not believe in you and let's show them what you can do. Start your own business without any investment, earn extra income, and full fill your dreams to have a better life. By teaching Abacus, you can easily make Rs. 3000 per student per month. It's not difficult to get 6-7 students, you need to search in your contacts, society, friends, and family members. This little step of start teaching Abacus will make you proud.

Abacus सीखना start करे अपनी भाषा में, अपने समय पर, और घर बैठे बैठे।


Who Joins Abacus Teacher Training Certification Course

Teachers who love to teach children
Graduate students who want to earn money
Educated housewives who like to earn from home
Parents who want to make their children succeed in life
Business seekers who want to start an abacus coaching center

Note: Anyone can learn Abacus easily, no prior knowledge required to start.

How Abacus Helps in Brain Development?

Abacus learning has become the talk of the town in the community of educated parents, but Why?

Check out this video to understand more about it.

What Does It Mean to Become a Certified Abacus Teacher?

The certificate is proof of completed the course. Showcase it in your classroom and convert more students. It will also help you climb the ladder in a job. Generally, Abacus Certified Teacher gets a salary between 2.3 LPA - 2.9 LPA.

Get more credibility with Abacus Teacher Training Certificate and stand out from the crowd.

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Join the Course Today and Instantly Get:

  • More than 60+ high-quality video lessons in Hindi
  • Worksheets and other materials for practice
  • Course validity of 1 year to learn and revise
  • Queries resolutions using the comment section
  • Premium support via WhatsApp and Call, if required
  • Get the certificate, after completing the course
Enroll Now @ ₹999 (One-Time Pay)

What Will You Need to Join

Abacus tool
Smart phone or laptop with Internet
Comfortable place for learning

6 Benefits of Abacus Online Course

The education system has changed dramatically in the corona situation. With the help of technology and the internet, this transition from offline learning to online learning was smooth as silk and it is the future of learning. Here, I'm sharing a few of the many benefits of joining an online course.

  1. Learn Anytime - Whenever you want to learn, open your Learn Abacus mobile app or website and start learning. You don't need to block a specific time slot. Learn at your own convenience and get more control over your time.

  2. Learn at Your Own Pace - You decide your learning speed, how fast or slow you would like to go. Here, no pressure to keep up with other students like a face-to-face environment, you won't feel left out or out of sync.

  3. Affordable Pricing - You can save more money when you are choosing an online course. The same course will cost you more than 30 thousand rupees in local institutes but here it's just a few bucks.

  4. More Safer and Secure - Covid-19 pandemic taught us, anything and everything is learnable from home. The world's safest place is your home, you don't need to travel in heavy traffic and extreme weather to gain a new skill.

  5. Multiple Support Channels - In traditional classes, sometimes it's difficult to meet your instructor or ask silly doubts. Here, you will get the advantage of Topic-related Forum Discussion, WhatsApp, and Call support.

  6. Repeat Course Easily - You have access to the course content such as videos, PDFs, and other study materials, even if it's 3 AM, you can repeat and revise. You can always reach out to us for your doubts and concerns.

What's Inside the Abacus Teacher Training Course

The Course Divided in 6 Levels

Level 1 - Abacus Introduction

Level 2 - Simple Addition and Subtraction (Without Compliments)

Level 3 - Addition and Subtraction Using +5's & -5's Compliments

Level 4 - Addition and Subtraction Using +10's & -10's Compliments

Level 5 - Addition and Subtraction Using Mixed Compliments

Level 6 - Multiplication & Division

Meet Your Instructor

I was literally stunned 🤩 to see the lifelong benefits of learning Abacus when I first time heard it In 2012.
Immediately, I packed my bag and reached Delhi to get complete training. And; I started spreading it to the world in Schools, Colleges, Coaching Institutes, and One-to-one teaching. So far, I have trained many students.
Now, I'm here with an online course to share the same knowledge and expertise with you. See you inside the Course! 😊 Vibha

If You Still Don't Believe, Enroll in the Demo Abacus Course Today!

Give it a try, I know you will love it. Get your FREE Video Course now to know the basics.

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🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete this course?

Ideally, It takes 2-3 months to complete the course entirely. This is a self-paced course, it allows you to learn at your own speed.

For how long can I have the course access?

You will have 8 months of course validity after the successful payment. In our experience, this time is enough for you to complete the course and revise.

Can you give me this course for free?

I have spent lots of time, energy, and money creating this course, hired editors, designers, and developers, and bought tools. In this course, I'm providing good value, and in return, I'm asking a small amount as a favor. I think I deserve to get paid.

What do I get after joining the Abacus Teacher Training Course?

You will get complete course access immediately, after the purchase. I have carefully designed this course to give you the best learning experience. Start learning systematically from videos, images, and other study materials.

How should I learn and practice with the course?

It completely depends on you. I recommend spending 20 minutes every day, learn one video lesson and practice it. Make learning a habit

When will I get a course certificate?

After completing the entire course, you will receive the course completion certificate in the email.

I didn't get access, money was debited from my account.

Please don't panic. Send the payment receipt by Email or WhatsApp, we will give you access asap.

How can I contact you for my queries?

Please feel free to email me your queries at onlineabacusacademy@gmail.com or send a WhatsApp message at +919909955305.

100% satisfaction guarantee, I'm really really sure about this. Give this course a genuine try, follow the curriculum, do practice after learning, and you will become an Abacus expert. That's my promise to you. We have zero unhappy customers so far.

Let's say, you are not satisfied with our content. Well, that will not happen anyway. Just let us know, we will take care of you.

Don't Wait Tomorrow, Join Today!

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