Level 3: Complete Addition and Subtraction on Abacus

Become a master of Addition and Subtraction on Abacus.


Learn in-depth concepts of Addition and Subtraction. Once you will complete this course you will be able to perform any calculations.

This course includes:
✅ Addition and Subtraction using Small Friend
✅ Addition and Subtraction using Big Friend
✅ Addition and Subtraction using Combination
✅ Exercises
✅ Worksheets

🏅 Do you know why Learn Abacus is the best platform for learning?

🏆 The entire course leads you through the proper learning process, easy and step by step teaching gives you a perfect memorable learning experience. The course designed to be easily understood by beginners and for anyone who wants to improve their calculation speed.

🏆 According to the Edx report, learning video length should be 6-9 minutes to get the best learning engagement. We have followed the same best practices suggested by experts, here we have kept 9 minutes as the maximum video length which is really great to understand one concept in depth.

🏆 You can always share your doubts and queries in the comment box. You will get a reply soon that is our promise.

🏆 Practice makes you an Abacus HERO in no time. We have given worksheets that contain lots of exercises that will help you improve speed and visualization.

📞 For your queries and concerns, you can call or WhatsApp here +919909955305


Explore how an Abacus is structured, how it works and how you can perform calculations using it! A fun way to train your brain and develop a positive attitude towards Math! Along with that it also helps develop auditory skills and sharpen memory.

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